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Re: [sc-dev] [Approve?] Add 'Extensions' directories to compiler

I currently keep all my SynthDefs in my scwork folder, and have that pointed to in startup.rtf . The only things written to SC/synthdefs is the ones written at startup. For the class I teach, this is a problem (because of the permissions mentioned earlier).

Once again, I think this would be a good change (from the multi-user standpoint). I don't think it would bother anything else... Of course would the regular synthdef and recordings folders then disappear? If so, the distribution should probably come with a script to install all the directories that are external to SC. Not difficult, but it seems like this would be a reason to put up Mac packages for a distribution (and an initial release?).


Joshua D. Parmenter
Graduate Student, Music Composition

"...Some people think a composer's supposed to please them, but in a way a composer is a chronicler... He's supposed to report on what he's seen and lived." -Charles Mingus

sdwilson@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Actually it might be worth moving the synthdefs directory as well, and
possibly other things like recordings. I've seen issues when running SC
from a non-admin account.


On Dec 20, 2004, at 3:07 PM, sdwilson@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

~/Library/Application Support/ is the proper place for application
specific supporting files on OS X. Class libraries fit in this
~/scwork is probably not a good place for documents.
~/Documents/SuperCollider or something like that might be better.
So if anything, I would change ~/scwork, not the other way around.

IMHO startup.rtf should live in ~/Library/Application
Support/SuperCollider/. Then we wouldn't need ~/scwork/. As it is now,
only use it for the startup file, and I suspect this is commonly the

I also still think there should be a global startup file, which could
logically live in /Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/. But
that's just my problem as we're working in a lab situation and are
to multiple user accounts.

Perhaps it could execute
~/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/startup.rtf
and if that were not present, it would execute
/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/startup.rtf

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