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[sc-dev] Input requested on improvements for code editor

Hi Everyone,

One of the things I personally find a little frustrating in SC3 is the
code editing environment, so I have been writing some code on the OS X
side to improve that, with support for dynamic brace matching and
highlighting as a first step, since this appears to be a real stumbling
block for many students new to programming.

Before I really get going, I just wanted to introduce myself - I am a
graduate student at Mills in the Computer Science department and
focusing my studies on technologies that support software-based
synthesis. I make pop / dance music and have a single called TONIGHT
that is number 35 right now in the Billboard Hot Club Dance chart this
week. You can read more about all that at http://www.netspheres.net.

I would love to make some improvements to the code editor and would
appreciate hearing from people on this list about their thoughts on
this area of the application before I really get going.