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[sc-dev] Windows project files


I have added the files needed to build the Windows scsynth
and the python interpreter client (python extension + client
python script ('psycollider')) to CVS.

You will also need :


to build these (sorry no links.... please google for them:) )

the source folder of these libraries need to be placed next
to the SuperCollider main folder (the one that contains the
build, source, doc, ... folders). They do NOT need to be 
built "manually". The projects included take care of them.

Some files had to be modified for the Windows version to compile.
I have pasted the list of changes below.

I have added a new windows folder, that contains the visual C++ 7.1
projects needed to build scsynth and the app the spawns it.
I have also added a Psycollider folder, that contains the source 
code for the python extension , as well as the actual Psycollider
python script that you need to launch when the server is running, and
the Visual C++ 7.1 project files.

Please mail me for any question. I'm too lazy to write a full 
windows howto guide tonight :)

Thanks to all for your work on SC.

Benjamin Golinvaux


M build/SCClassLibrary/Common/Core/Kernel.sc DONE

added openWinCodeFile

M build/SCClassLibrary/Common/GUI/PlusGUI/Collections/StringPlusGUI.sc

added (hack)openWinTextFile

? build/Help_windows NOT DONE !!!
? headers/lang/win32_utils.h DONE
? source/common/SC_Win32Utils.cpp DONE
? source/lang/LangSource/SC_PortMIDI.cpp DONE

M headers/lang/OSCData.h DONE
added some win headers

M headers/lang/PyrObject.h DONE
removed a warning about int->bool cast

M headers/lang/PyrSlot.h DONE
static some casts to remove warnings

M headers/lang/SCBase.h DONE
#ifdef WIN32 blocks around #pragma export directives

M headers/plugin_interface/SC_InlineBinaryOp.h DONE 
static some casts to remove warnings +
#ifdef WIN32 blocks around #pragma mark directives

M headers/plugin_interface/SC_InlineUnaryOp.h DONE
static some casts to remove warnings

M headers/plugin_interface/sc_msg_iter.h DONE
static some casts to remove warnings

M source/lang/LangPrimSource/PyrFilePrim.cpp DONE
converted / to \ under windows

M source/lang/LangPrimSource/PyrStringPrim.cpp DONE
stringPathMatch now works under Windows

M source/lang/LangSource/PyrPrimitive.cpp DONE
the midi init primitive is now declared under Windows

M source/lang/LangSource/SC_LibraryConfig.cpp DONE
text files need to be opened in binary mode under Windows 

M source/plugins/MacUGens.cpp DONE
first try at mouse ugens under windows

M source/server/SC_GraphDef.cpp DONE
GraphDef_LoadGlob now works under windows 

M source/server/SC_World.cpp
text files need to be opened in binary mode under Windows