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[sc-dev] Re: [sc-users] MIDI event handler threads

While working on the MIDI helpfile, I found an issue with this: there's no clearly defined way to stop a responder. You can stop the routine, of course, but you still have the MIDIEvent in the MIDIIn classvars, so its conditions still have to be evaluated even after the routine is gone. Very untidy.

I guess the user can do something like:

onRoutine = fork { |ev| loop { ev = MIDIIn.waitNoteOn; } };
onEvent = MIDIIn.noteOnList.last;


onRoutine.stop; MIDIIn.noteOnList.remove(onEvent);

... but that's a bit hacky, isn't it?

Can the MIDIEvent perhaps detect when the routine has ended and remove itself? Just thinking out loud...


On Thursday, Dec 2, 2004, at 04:28 US/Eastern, James McCartney wrote:

You can now fork a thread to wait for MIDI events.
This allows you to write MIDI event handlers as loops.
The old classvar functions continue to work, nothing should be broken by this.

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