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Re: [sc-dev] tail call optimization bug.

Sounds familiar to me, but I didn't know tail call
optimization was the cause:



--- James McCartney <asynth@xxxxxx> wrote:

> As a result of the block thread, I've discovered a
> bug in the tail call 
> optimization that I don't know how to solve right
> now, so I am going to 
> turn that off.
> 	tail call optimize has a bug which happens when a
> non local return 
> occurs from a method inside of a tail call optimized
> return.
> 	here's a simple example but there are more subtle
> variations:
> 	mymethod {
> 		^{ ^'ouch' }.value
> 	}
> 	the method gets returned from and then the .value
> method is called, 
> but that then also wants to return and it doesn't
> realize that
> 	the caller has been blown away already, so it tries
> to return to an 
> even higher place on the stack.

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