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Re: [sc-dev] [approve] Function-block change to return function result, and accept arguments

On Dec 9, 2004, at 2:31 PM, James McCartney wrote:

On Dec 9, 2004, at 1:33 PM, James Harkins wrote:

      result = this.valueArray([{ |val| ^val }] ++

you don't really need to do this ++. valueArray only requires the last argument be an array.

result = this.valueArray({|val| ^val }, args);

The following locations in the class Library (all in JITLib and crucial) have this bug:

crucial/Gui/ObjectGui.sc: this.performList(\guiBody,[layout] ++ args); crucial/Gui/ObjectGui.sc: model.performList(\guiBody,[layout] ++ args); crucial/Gui/SynthConsole.sc: this.performList(then,[path] ++ args) crucial/Gui/SynthConsole.sc: this.performList(then,[path] ++ args); crucial/Instr/Instr.sc: Library.global.performList(\choose,[this.name] ++ start) crucial/Players/AbstractPlayerGui.sc: this.performList(\gui,[layout,bounds] ++ args);

JITLib/various/Client.sc: func.valueArray([resp, time] ++ args)

crucial/Instr/Interface.sc: environment.use({ g.valueArray(([layout,this] ++ args.copyRange(1,args.size-1))) })