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[sc-dev] open ghost documents bug

ha, finally able to pinpoint this one.

//first set initAction
Document.initAction_{|doc| \newdoc.postln; doc.background_(Color.grey)}

//then run this

and now try to create new documents with cmd+n or open with cmd+o.  initAction
doesn't happen!  nor has the new doc registered at...
Document.allDocuments.collect{|doc| doc.title}

cmd+n has been paralysed somehow.  do a Document.new and it'll get back to

this can also happen when trying to doubleclick a wiki (eg helpfiles in
JITLib.rtf) and also sometimes for no apparent reason at all.

sorry no idea how to fix.  traced it to *prGetLast that doesn't get called from
the menu.  anyone familiar with the code and want to fix?

still happens that Document.current returns nil tho.  can't reproduce.


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