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Re: [sc-dev] Another potential Buffer method *streamCollection

 Thanks Josh, but after replacing with the new
Server.sc i still get this same error at evaluating
this code:

a = Array.fill(2000000,{ rrand(0.0,0.3) });
c = CollStream.new;
c.collection = a;
b = Buffer.streamCollection(s, a, 0.0, {arg buf;

ERROR: Message 'addToServerArray' not understood.

 --- Joshua Parmenter <joshp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Try updating your Server.sc file with this (it is
> not in CVS). This is 
> what Scott sent out with the updated Buffer ideas.
> By the way Scott, still using them a week later, and
> it seems to work 
> well!
> Josh

> ATTACHMENT part 2 application/octet-stream
x-unix-mode=0644; name=Server.sc

Running on:
1.5 Ghz P4
asus v800x chipset
RH9 CCRMA-patched linux


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