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Re: [sc-dev] [rfc] alternative documentation format, scwiki

On 28 Nov 2004, at 01:31, stefan kersten wrote:

 I always wonder though why there is no simple reduced html
 editor (WYSIWYG) using stylesheets at the head of the
 document. It would be very portable, and fairly simple.

 there actually is (or will be): mozilla [1]. i personally
 think html (with a decent editor) is ok, but i think you
 wouldn't want to go that route for SC code because the html
 source would be unreadable. i'm not sure a stylesheet can do
 syntax highlighting.

I'd actually started to implement HTML support on the Mac (rather hackily I must admit). NSTextView actually renders HTML out of the box, and I'd taken some code Adium to go the other way. There remain problems however, the biggest one being that the only way HTML handles tabs is with a PRE tag, and then rather inconsistently. This can make code in help files far less readable, and means that you have to distinguish when saving between code and prose, or use hard line wraps, which are just plain ugly and a pain in the ass to maintain. In the end I kind of gave up on it...

I do agree that the way the columns are done in Help.help.rtf sucks though. It would almost be worth having that file alone as HTML, just to have a table, despite the editing hassles that would bring.

don't use pre tags, but <span class="margin-left:10px;"> ... </span>