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Re: [sc-dev] [rfc] alternative documentation format, scwiki

It remains RTF so you can edit styled text directly and copy paste
between other apps and open the files in other apps.
There is no drop-in WYSIWYG editor for or any other markup format. And
even if there was it would not be compatible with other apps on the

these are valid points, but no show stoppers from my
pov. pasted markup can be converted on the fly,

no one is going to paste markup, they are going to paste RTF. RTF is the styled text interchange format on the Mac.

don't get me wrong, i don't want to push an outlandish
solution for the pure fun of it, but i honestly think that
structured markup could make the documentation more
palleable on more platforms (WYSIWYM [2]). but if WYSIWYG
indeed is a requirement (is it?) we'll have to think of
something on linux ...

OK. go ahead and implement it for both platforms. then we'll see how it works and if it works well, then we can adopt it. If it does not then not.
I don't want to spend time myself on this issue.