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Re: [sc-dev] s_recvoscmsg bug causes crashes - heureka - [commit?]

On Nov 26, 2004, at 9:24 AM, Julian Rohrhuber wrote:

Problem: osc responder crashes sclang on recieving a string larger than 255.

Reason: This is due to the fact that an incoming string is converted into a Symbol by sclang. When creating a symbol from a string, the string normally is truncated to 255 characters.

is it? where?

Seemingly the attempt to create a symbol larger than this causes the sclang to crash.

I'm not sure this diagnosis is correct, and so perhaps neither is the solution.
Symbols can be longer than 256 bytes.

// this crashes (bundle size 320 bytes)

x = String.fill(280, $_);
b = ["/client", "ok", x];

n.sendBundle(nil, b); // same here

this doesn't reliably crash for me. it did once and then not again.