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Re: [sc-dev] [commit?] latency and punctuality

--- Julian Rohrhuber <rohrhuber@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> what about adding a class variable to Node:
> punctual = false; // or set to true by default?

I think that if anything it should be:

classvar <>useLatency = false;

or useServerLatency (maybe better because it explains
where the latency number comes from)

or <>messageLatency = nil  // or 0.2 or whatever

"punctual" is going to confuse people.

In many ways the messageLatency would be preferable.
Initially my Voicer class used a boolean to say
whether to use latency or not, but I changed it to a
number or nil because the boolean was limiting.

I think it should be turned off by default (will break
less stuff).

> (it actually is quite uncomfortable
> for me to see how 
> many people use it and how unreliable it is due to
> the timing issue)

It's finally in the documentation as of last night, so
there's no longer an excuse for people not to know
about the issues.

(If you add this, please update the ServerTiming help


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