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Re: [sc-dev] Interface Builder and SC / Cocoa <--> SC Bridge

I'm really interested in this...

Thanx in advance

On 19 Nov 2004, at 19:06, Chandrasekhar Ramakrishnan wrote:

crucial felix wrote:
On Nov 17, 2004, at 10:32 PM, b a r t o n wrote:
Is it technically feasible to use interface builder NIB files such
that an SC user could build their UI in either interface builder...or
has a tool that would work similar to it inside of the SC environment
been developed / in development?

Yes -- design your GUI in IB and have the actions that fire on widget
changes send OSC to SuperCollider (either directly to the server, or
intermediated through the lang -- whatever is appropriate for your

I just completed an installation that works exactly this way: sound
synthesis in SC, GUI in Cocoa (it's a floor wax, and a desert

There is a *very* rudimentary example at:


  (Although in this example, communication is only one way,
   in the installation, communication is in both directions.)

If you actually do ust that ObjCOSC library, let me know -- there's a
newer version which you'll want and I can send you an email when I get
the code cleaned-up and update the website.

- sekhar

C. Ramakrishnan        cramakrishnan@xxxxxxx
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