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Re: [sc-dev] [APPROVE?] SynthDef and non-float args

Yeah, cleaner, OK. Also saves me the work of fixing it up. But...

On Saturday, Nov 20, 2004, at 23:45 US/Eastern, James McCartney wrote:

var mySynthDefMakerLib;
mySynthDefMakerLib = (
sine2: #{|name, env|
SynthDef(name, { |freq, amp| // oops
   var sig;
   sig = SinOsc.ar(freq, 0, amp) * EnvGen.kr(env, doneAction:2);
   Out.ar(out, [sig, sig])

The magic 8-ball sees variable not defined errors in your future :)

This MUST be documented as a recommended practice. I can guarantee, this question is going to come up again as the forum is drawing new users in.

I will post it on the forum.


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