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Re: [sc-dev] More OSCresponder issues

On 21 Nov 2004, at 11:24, Julian Rohrhuber wrote:

There is an improved version of OSCresponderNode which is simpler and much faster. (posted on this list earlier).

Ah, my memory is getting progressively worse. Sorry.

James wrote that it would be better to do a primitive and a tree class as it was in SC2, but I'm not sure exactly how to best go about this.

Before doing improvements on OSCresponderNode as it is now,
I think it would be better to spend the time making sure the improved version works reliably in all situations. I've tested it, but it would be good to give it another try.

I'll give it a try.

I'm still curious though: Is there a particular need for a class which overrides all other responders with the same command? I'm probably just missing something... :-)