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Re: [sc-dev] Buffer.new was: Re: [sc-users] Buffer.cueSoundFile problem

Another issue (which I may have raised before) is that currently the Bus and Buffer allocators (PowerOfTwoAllocator) don't have the same protected ranges as the node allocator does. In a multi-client + multi-server situation, this could be an issue, but it's not immediately clear to me what the best way to configure things is. There may be cases where you want to share busses and buffers, and there may be cases where you want to have protected ranges.

yes, I agree. I usually allocate a number of buffer numebrs in my startup file.

Of course there may be cases where one wants to be able to control nodes created by another client as well, in which case you need a scheme for sharing id numbers. One could just do the same with busses and buffers. Probably it would be best to have the option of protected ranges if desired.

definitely you need to allocate a range first if you are going to work with both, server messages and object models. Otherwise the two can turn out to be inconsistent. I agree that this is a general problem and should be handeled the same in different situations. I think it would be good to have some fields in the server options that handle this.