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Re: [sc-dev] beat induction and TempoClock

keep it all on the server.  its more liquid.
like analog computers.
get all your trigs and rhythms to be driven from ugens on the server.
you can use the client to cue up event data in a buffer.

On Nov 10, 2004, at 8:51 PM, nick collins wrote:

I'm wondering what the recommended way to control a TempoClock from a Beat induction UGen is. Whilst I can force some sort of sync using only tempo adjustments to the clock (after receiving data from the plugin vis OSCresponder) it would be much easier to change the clock's phase directly, especially for accurate and responsive tracking. This doesn't seem to be a current option.

It would no doubt involve fast forwarding through dependent schedules avoiding any language hard work (somehow) and disregarding any OSC messages to be sent to the Server to avoid sudden overload, and is possibly impractical to SC3's assumptions? Any way to substitute a new TempoClock at the right phase? (perhaps I have to kill everything dependent on the clock and start it all afresh, perhaps with an additional functionality required for reset in the dependents...)

Any thoughts. solutions? A better way to schedule?

With many thanks,

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