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Re: [sc-dev] new OSCresponder and Pfindur

Hi Julian,

The list appears to be down, so I'm sending this to both addresses.

Pfindur has a bug: when it times out, it needs to yield the event it whose
timing it changes (so that it actually plays) and then return the next
event it receives (to be handed off to the next pattern). (This is
probably my fault, but, since it is your code, I thought you might want to
review it.)

I don't seem to have the attachment with the new OSCresponder, could you
send it to me directly?
I originally wanted to use a hierarchical dictionary for the pathResponder
stuff, but the thinking at that point was that it would be slower.

> btw. What is the dummy OSC command  ('/c_end', #[1]); for?

This allows freed Buses to be handled in the same manner as freed Nodes.
I needed this where I had entirely separate blocks of code creating and
deleting the

> also why does OSCresponder.respond return "true"?

It doesn't.  It returns false if the second search (with addr == nil) fails.


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