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Re: [sc-dev] OffsetOut

Sounds okay here.


On 26 Oct 2004, at 21:22, Julian Rohrhuber wrote:

even after cleaning the IOUGens target and rebuilding it, I still get irregular clicks when using OffsetOut. I've also rebuilt the server, but with no result in this respect.

SynthDef("test", { arg out, pan, freq=440, amp=0.1, sustain=1.0;
	var u, x;

	x = SinOsc.ar(freq , 0, Line.ar(0.1, 0, sustain, doneAction:2));
	u = Pan2.ar(x, pan) * amp;
	OffsetOut.ar(out, u);


		\instrument, \test,
		\degree, Pshuf([0, 1b, [0,4], 1b, 4, 0, 3b, 0], inf),
		\dur, 0.5

can anone else confirm this behaviour?

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