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Re: [sc-dev] linux - hacking UGens

On Oct 21, 2004, at 8:34 PM, Julian Rohrhuber wrote:
just to mention one thing that is really useful: cmd-click on the makro code (or function definition) brings you to where it's defined.

pssst.... julian. they're linux people. they don't have the little butterfly.

uh... grep for it guys.

also do google this list because we elaborated on it here and so sorry but we didnt' transfer that to a wiki or helpfile.

	if (INRATE(1) == calc_FullRate) {

this gets the rate of the 1st input


this sets the function that will be used in the inner loop when audio processing starts.

	} else {

	unit->m_prevtrig = 0.f;
	unit->mLevel = 0.f;

	ZOUT0(0) = 0.f;

this writes to the buffer of the 0th output

one nice thing about james' macros is that they were considerate of multi OS/processors long ago when SC was only for mac.

i think its not the macros that are confusing but just that the scheme is quite unique. so its not immediately obvious. it makes lots of sense once you get it.