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[sc-dev] SC3 for WIN32 (2004-10-20 21h30)


The latest version of SC for Win32 is available

there you can find the zip archive of the application
(client + server) and installation and basic usage 
instructions. There is also a separate file containing 
the required Microsoft DLL files.

PLease note i haven't succeeded in creating a new package
on the source forge page and this is why i'm posting this
somewhere else (thanks to Anton Woldhek) so as to not shadow
the OS X version.

A forum is available at http://www.crm1opdracht.tk/ to discuss
win32-specific issues.

I have pasted the changelog below.

Benjamin Golinvaux-

# SC3-WIN32-2004-10-20-21h30 :
# -------------------------------------------
# changed the name to avoid confusion with the scope window in sc osx
# CTRL+RETURN is a shortcut for eval selection
# now allows to open and save text files and open rtf files
# now displays a * sign when a text file is modified. also asks user
whether to save when closing modified windows
# ALT+PERIOD now works (stops clocks and frees synths)
# added a log window where SC output is sent , instead of the DOS window
# pressing F1 now opens the help file with the same name as the
selection, or the main help file is that fails
# now calls s.serverRunning = True to fix the someSynthDef.play code
snippets. this is a temp hack
# choosing File -> Open Code File now opens the source code for the
selected class or method
# better color scheme when highlighting braces/parentheses/brackets that
are matching 
# MIDI input is now working (not tested a lot, but seems to work ok for
more than just me :) )
# F2 now arrange the windows in a basic way : log windows at the bottom
third, and code windows above, superimposed
# menu entry : Main.run
# menu entry : open class def (alt+j, similar to cmd+j in the cocoa app)
	# menu entry : compile library (alt+k, similar to cmd+k in the
cocoa app)
# the latest help files have been converted, in order to look good with
Windows standard fonts (Helvetica -> Arial and Monaco -> Courier New) 

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