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[sc-dev] new OSCresponder

Here is an implementation of OSCresponder / OSCpathResponder / OSCresponderNode
that uses symbol signatures for lookup. (I've added an extension to Main.sc tom amke the testing easier)

This implementation takes 60 % less time to do the match. This also lowers the idle cpu of sclang a little bit, because the status messages coming from servers are looked up more efficiently. More optimization along these lines could maybe be done in OSCresponder2-respond and -makeSignature.

- maybe OSCresponderNode could be replaced by a method (analog to .add: .replace?) in OSCresponder.

- maybe an implementation of OSCpathResponder based on a multilevel dictionary would be faster.

There is a forward field in class OSCresponder that allows other
message parsing schemse to be added like this:

// printing
OSCresponder2.forward = { arg time, msg, addr;
	if(msg[0] != 'status.reply') { msg.postln }


// stop printing

OSCresponder2.forward = nil;

- I don't know all implications of OSCpathResponder, so Ron, if you find the time, could you check if it works?

I have tested it with Bus-getn and it seems to work.

btw. What is the dummy OSC command  ('/c_end', #[1]); for?
also why does OSCresponder.respond return "true"?

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