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Re: [sc-dev] new patterns

It isn't necessary to copy it. The parent is a parent, it is inherited. When you set values, it sets them in the child. The parent is unchanged.

e = Event.default.put(\type,\set);

( 'type': set )





On Oct 20, 2004, at 10:03 AM, Ronald J. Kuivila wrote:

Hi James,

  Why doesn't Event-default make a copy of Event-defaultParentEvent?
(as in Event.new(8, nil, defaultParentEvent.copy, true) )

The time expense is minimal and it would enable altering fixed fields
of the event outside of the Pbind (so they are not set repeatedly) without
side effects or having to create a whole new parent event.

For example:

	aPattern.play(protoEvent: Event.default.put(\type,\set))