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[sc-dev] [Comments?]XML doc? Fwd: html doc

> In that case it is whatever the markup language is: 
> xml, html, latex, even rtf, or something else. So I'm not 
> sure what you mean.

Just the 'shape' of the file, the convention for its layout.

The attached files are proof of concept only.  To see how it looks

    M-x load-file sc3-markup.el
    C-x C-f SinOsc.help.sc
    M-x sc3-markup-ugen-help-file

Writing something to markup the sclang class help files is more work.

I imagine Emacs will eventually parse RTF.  At present it only
parses a subset of RFC 1563/1896 (MIME text/enriched).


NOTE: I use Emacs

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