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[sc-dev] [Comments?]XML doc? Fwd: html doc

> > Or why not even just as plain text .sc files, ie SinOsc.help.sc?
> because it looks like crap.

The idea was that it would look more or less the same, but 
that the markup would be done by the editor which `parses' 
the help file.  

> This all works now on OSX.

In Emacs also.  Stefan's Emacs code is very good, I hope I did
not imply it was not.  I will do some work in the next few days 
to see if I can get Emacs to mark up UGen help files so that 
they look like the RTF files and report how it works out, maybe 
it is harder than I think :)

> You mean on Linux you have no WYSIWYG directly 
> manipulable text edit format other than plain text???

The issue under Linux is not that nothing reads RTF but 
that the environments people like to program in, basically 
Emacs and Vim, don't read it.  Leaving the editor to view a 
help file is not good workflow, and adding the hooks back 
into the SC3 source code and to the interpreter is often a 
fair amount of trouble, at least as much as adding a parser 
for the help files to Emacs.

> I want something that is not worse than what we have 
> now on OSX but that the linux people can use.

The RTF is a not a problem under Linux.  At worst it  is a 
minor nuisance because getting a well structured plain
text version out of it is a bit of work.  Certainly there is no 
need to drop RTF to help Linux people.