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Re: [sc-dev] playbuf problem


On Feb 10, 2004, at 1:30 AM, andi wrote:


a user pointed me to a problem with the latest build which i can reproduce on my side:

the playbuf example plays the sample correctly but after it ends there is a high frequency tone still audible:

PlayBuf doesn't seem to work properly. Just try the main exemple and see if it works for you :
//First PlayBuf exemple
//No problem by now...
// read a whole sound into memory
s = Server.local;
// note: not *that* columbia, the first one
b = Buffer.read(s,"sounds/a11wlk01.wav");

//here is the prob...when you play it...
SynthDef("help-PlayBuf",{ arg out=0,bufnum=0;
		PlayBuf.ar(1,bufnum, BufRateScale.kr(bufnum))
}).play(s,[\out, 0, \bufnum, b.bufnum]);
//Normally, we should get "silence" when it stops reading the buffer...but instead i have a noisy high frequency that hurt my ears....and wich is still playing until I free the

can anyone confirm this?



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