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Re: [sc-dev] [Comments?]XML doc? Fwd: html doc

I'd be willing to implement this in Cocoa, including a panel or sheet to edit tags. This would make it almost as easy to do doc as it is now, and have the advantages of consistency, maintainability, and ease of conversion, i.e. update html versions en masse for the swiki. Any scripts in other languages would only be necessary to convert for viewing in some other context, like a web browser, although that could be done in Cocoa or SC as well. But if people won't use it it's not worth bothering. Any objections?

The idea of doing the doc in SC is interesting. Maybe even a HelpFile class?


On Feb 6, 2004, at 1:55 PM, Orm Finnendahl wrote:

Am 06. Februar 2004, 09:26 Uhr (-0800) schrieb James McCartney:

That means we'd need an XML parser and scripts to parse it. If the
scripts were in SC, then fine. I would not want to begin adding a bunch
of Perl/Python/Ruby scripts to SC. But in that case why use XML? Why
not just write the doc in SC?

The idea was mainly to maintain one source of the documentation and
then generate different outputs from that source. In that case any
output format easily integratable into SC (even SC itself as you
suggest) can get generated from this source without having to add any
scripts in foreign languages to SC itself.

Or do you mind to have the documentation project seperated from SC
(with its own parsing and transformation tools) altogether?


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