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Re: [sc-dev] [linux] sc3 ebuild

ian esten wrote:
for all the gentoo users out there.
i believe gentoo have recently changed their policy and now cvs ebuilds
can't be part of the portage tree. so, to use this ebuild:

Thanks! It works okay here. But I wonder what happens with the plugins. `qpkg -l supercollider-cvs|grep plugins` shows me there are none installed by the ebuild.

That it still works here is probably due to the /usr/local/lib/SuperCollider/plugins that come from the hand compiled cvs.

> src_compile() {
> 	./linux/bootstrap
> 	local myconf
> 	local myarch
> 	myarch=`get-flag -march`
> 	myconf="--with-audio-api=jack"
> 	cd $S
> 	econf ${myconf} || die "configure failed"
> 	emake || die "parallel make failed"
> }
> src_install() {
> 	einstall || die "make install failed"
> }

I'm no ebuild wizard, but I think there's a need to change to the source/plugins/ dir and do an econf, emake and einstall there as well.

Maybe the ebuild can be placed on the wiki somewhere (putting it in the cvs seems like a very silly thing to do ;) Or maybe creating cvs .tar.bz2 source snapshots so that the ebuild *_can_ be placed on bugs.gentoo.org :)


P.S. I added [linux] to the topic... IIRC there are no other Gentoo's yet.