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Re: [sc-dev] ListPatterns: a modest proposal

On Jan 27, 2004, at 11:25 PM, James McCartney wrote:

isKindOf is bad style and restricts things to a certain implementation instead of to things that respond to a certain protocol.

For example, the following worked until your change:

o = (contents: [\a,\b], </x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller>|self,i|</x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller> self.contents @@ i });
o.know = </x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller>true</x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller>;

x = </x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller>Pseq</x-tad-smaller><x-tad-smaller>(o, 4).asStream;
9.do { x.next.postln };