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Re: [sc-dev] Late calculation of samples?

Lately people have been reporting various things but posting no code. That's useless.

On Jan 25, 2004, at 10:19 AM, Andreas R. Christensen wrote:

I'm building a plugin based on the phaseVocoder technology, so some pretty heavy calculations are involved. At this point I'm doing some enveloping and FFT/iFFT, and all of a sudden I get no output. Is this because SC-synth can't compute the output in time...? If so, why don't I get some error-message...?

Who knows? Why don't you post some code?
If the HAL ioProc goes over its time limit the system scheduler will punish it and you'll get a drop out of several seconds.

If my problems come from to great time-complexity - does the problem scale?

Presumably it is your code, don't _you know?