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[sc-dev] Late calculation of samples?

I'm building a plugin based on the phaseVocoder technology, so some pretty heavy calculations are involved. At this point I'm doing some enveloping and FFT/iFFT, and all of a sudden I get no output. Is this because SC-synth can't compute the output in time...? If so, why don't I get some error-message...?
If I lower the fft-size, I can get some output, but strange clicks have been introduced - even after enveloping the result of iFFT. If one sample can't be computed, does this mean the entire buffer is skipped, or just that particular sample? That would explain the clicks...
What are your experiences with the fftlib included in SC? I notice that FFT_UGens.cpp does not use the rFFTinit function from fftlib - is it faster to create the cosine table by myself?
If my problems come from to great time-complexity - does the problem scale? Will a faster computer help me out...?
heap thanks in advance :)
PS. I'm thinking of writing new documentation for adding plugins, since I find the existing rather confusing and not very comprehensive (with fear of stepping on someones toes...) - would this be appreciated?