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Re: [sc-dev] SystemClock bug?

--nikolai collinsky <nikolaicollinsky@xxxxxxxxxxx> [031229 12:10]:
> 100.do({SystemClock.sched(4.0.rand,{1.0.rand.postln;})})
> scheduling queue size restriction?

For me it seems to be dying somewhere in the GC.  At one point it failed
with the message "grey count error".  If I increase kScanThreshold in
GC.cpp it doesn't fail as quickly.  If I do {"blah".postln; 1.0.rand; },
sclang seems to lock up at some point when it calls
pthread_mutex_lock(&gLangMutex) instead of dying in GC.cpp.

> (can get round by converting absolute scheduling to
> delta time scheduling to use less clocks but still,
> would be nice to have safe scheduling
> possibilities...)