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Re: [sc-dev] SystemClock bug?

I have found repeatedly that scheduling too many
events to fire too quickly reliably causes the
language to crash. I don't believe it has to do with a
scheduling size restriction, but rather with the
number of functions that are executing simultaneously.
You can get the same crash by scheduling complex
functions so quickly that the execution overlaps by a
high amount. If a function takes 0.1 seconds to return
its result and you schedule the function to execute
200 times with 0.001 seconds between onsets, down she

I don't see it as a bug, just a reasonable limitation.

This kind of scheduling could probably be made "safer"
but that might have a negative impact on performance

H. James

--- nikolai collinsky <nikolaicollinsky@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> //this crashes SC3- 
> scheduling queue size restriction?
> (can get round by converting absolute scheduling to
> delta time scheduling to use less clocks but still,
> would be nice to have safe scheduling
> possibilities...)

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