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[sc-dev] commit: MIDI sysex extensions

Hi all,
I've added support for MIDI system exclusive IO and slightly improved
help pages. There is a stub for SMPTE, but the details of 1/4 frame
clocking have not been implemented.  (It can all be done in the language,
but I do not have a MIDI SMPTE source to test with.)

 Methods added to MIDIOut are
   smpte ( frames, seconds, minutes, hours, frameRate )
   songPtr ( songPtr )
   songSelect ( song )
   midiClock (  )
   start (  )
   continue (  )
   stop (  )
   reset (  )
   sysex ( uid, packet )

Methods added to Meta_MIDIIn are


which are handler hooks for system exclusive, system realtime, and smpte