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Re: [sc-dev] library config

Hi again

On Wed, 17 Dec 2003 18:41:22 +0100, stefan kersten <steve@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It offers what I identified as basic services, such as interpreting
command lines. I don't know SuperCollider very well yet though, so I could
be way off. I implemented it as a concrete class as well, because I dont
_think_ it would be necessary to make these services part of the deriving
class' interface (the Liskov IS-A principle).

i need the notifications from the library in my subclass to define
primitives etc. without subclassing you'd have to pass function
pointers, which may or may not be more tedious ...

I'm attaching my version of SC_TerminalClient.cpp and
SC_ClientBase.cpp in case you care to comment (keep in mind the
interface could probably use some work).

the language 'user' needs to redefine behavior of two more
aspects, depending on the particular application:

in a gui application the post routines will write to some text output

I've given the whole thing some more thought. Since this post behaviour will differ among clients, and it is part of the external interface (although called as free functions), it will probably be best implemented as virtual methods. From what I can see, this is how you've implemented it in the meantime. Looks good :)


Arve Knudsen