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Re: [sc-dev] [approve?] PV_Correlation etc

On Dec 17, 2003, at 8:17 AM, nikolai collinsky wrote:

I wanted to check before making my first CVS

PV_Add and PV_Mul lack SC code definition in FFT.sc

Trivial to sort out, but something I can safely commit

Can I also add pure PV_Convolution (since PV_MagMul
does nothing with phase, and PV_Mul isn't a proper
complex multiply), PV_Correlation, PV_Mag1Phase2
(simple cross synth using mag of first, phase of
second) at the same time?

A full complex multiply of two STFFTs is not really a convolution.
You'd want to have the FFT of one wave stored and complex multiply that by a suitably zero padded input. The PV object base class does not handle that case as is.


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