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Re: [sc-dev] Adding Help files to SC3, sourceforge

> You can join or you can send them to me if you like. Or just tell me
> which ones. I'd been slowly moving them over, and I think most are
> there now, but I've been a little busy as I was on tour, etc. Any ones
> in particular?

OK, here's a list of some missing help files that I could port, if they have
not been ported already:

AllpassN, AllpassL, AllpassC
DelayN, DelayL, DelayC
CombN, CombL, CombC (all of the above are from SC2)
PitchShift (working to a certain degree, but not certain if it is bug free)

LFTri - simple port from SC2. I use this a lot, so it leaps to mind. There
are a few other oscillators from SC2 that could have help files ported:

The PV ugens. Most of them have corresponding SC3d5 ugens, but some are new.
I could peek at the source code and figure out what is going on. I also have
Trevor Wishart's "Audible Design," in which a lot of these concepts are
explained in more detail, so maybe that would help. These would need new
examples, as the SC3d5 examples used Synth.scope.

The following ugens urgently need help files, or improved help files:

RecordBuf. I have a good comb filter example that I rigged up with PlayBuf
and RecordBuf, that does not have the periodic clicking of PingPong, so it
might be a good example to include in the help file. This is one of those
ugens that could use a LOT of examples, as it is quite the Swiss Army knife.

FFT: There is a help file with some examples, but no details of what is
going on. What type of windowing is used? How many overlaps? What is stored
in the buffer? What are the allowable FFT sizes? What is going on with this
UG? The answers are undoubtedly in the source code, but source code is not
documentation (although some of my coworkers have argued otherwise in the
past). I am willing to dig in and find the answers, but if there is a better
help file in the works, that would be great.

PlayBuf, BufRd - some explanations of the interpolation used would be nice.
I believe that cubic interpolation is used, but that isn't clear from the

This is in no way a definitive list, but just the stuff I have run into in
my initial SC3 work (which has mainly been focused on effects processing).

Scott Wilson, if you could let me know which of these you have help files
for, that would be great, so I can work on the remaining help files (if


Sean Costello