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[sc-dev] Adding Help files to SC3, sourceforge


It seems like there are a lot of missing help files in SC3, that do have
corresponding help files in SC2 and SC3d5. Every now and then, I port over
some of the missing help files, but then they are wiped out when I update to
the latest SC3 binary. Instead of whining about this, I would like to check
in the help files as I update them, so they can be distributed with the

A few questions:

1) Do I have to register as a developer, get competent with SourceForge, and
all of that? Or can I send them to someone to check in for me?

2) Are there some general policies I should follow when porting? I tend to
like the examples of the form {}.play, but I know that this is not the
current paradigm. If the old examples had {}.play, should that be used, or
should I come up with something along the lines of
SynthDef("help-thingy", {arg thing=0, superthing=0;
    Out.ar(out, stuff);
}).play(target,args, addAction) ?

3) Do the help files need to be as terse as they currently are? In a lot of
cases, only a few of the parameters are defined. I tend to be of the school
of explaining all parameters, if possible (I can dig into the source code if
need be), including operational bounds.

4) Is there an approval process in place for new help files?

Generally speaking, I am not updating all of the help files, just the ones I
need to work with. I am doing a lot with delays and the PV ugens, so
documentation would be nice to refer to.

Sean Costello