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Re: [sc-dev] crossfading groups, noid for groups

Hi Julian,

I'll take a look at AbstractEnsemble and GraphBuilder.

BTW: GraphBuilder is in Common/Control.  Is it used by classes other than
those in JITLib?

yes, it is used in Function-play.
jitlib doesn't use it.
I think it is a good place for stuff like that, I think there
will be coming more of that kind in future.

Also, in GraphBuilder, is there some reason wrapOut hs:

env = if(fadeTime.notNil, { this.makeFadeEnv(fadeTime) }, 1);
	result = result * env;

rather than

if(fadeTime.notNil, {
	result = this.makeFadeEnv(fadeTime) * result;

I'll change that.


PS: Here's a probably impractical thought:

With an "n_duplicate" command simple texture xfade could be done mostly on
the server.  (This may be too bursty to be permissible, but it would be
a simple solution.)

	n_duplicate: duplicate target (including ID's), replace original's
ID's with  server allocated ID's.

	then it would be:
	g = some group or Synth

	[n_duplicate, g.nodeID]
	[\s_new, "fadeOut", g.nodeID,\addBefore]
        [\s_new, "fadeIn", g.nodeID,\addAfter]
	[\n_set,....any new params]

the messaging is not really an overhead so much.
only in granular synthesis it really matters at all.
as xfade textures are really slow, there is no problem
with the client doing it, in my opinion.