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Re: [sc-dev] commit: SCMultiSlider

On Thursday, January 23, 2003, at 12:59 AM, crucial felix wrote:

what SDII style displays do is show the max peak for each block.
in sc2 i synth.write the whole soundfile and use a Peak, clocking it and polling it so I get 44100 samples out of a 5 minute sound file. that lets me zoom pretty good.
that could be a job to do inside sc. anyways i have thrown out the resampling. now there are two possibilities to zoom: increase the distance between the points , or recalculate in sc and set the sound array again. there is also the possibility now to set max and min values for the soundfile mode. that looks a bit better now.
i also changed some other things.
i will wright them in a helpfile...

some apps take min, max and rms.  not sure what they do with the rms.
i think audacity shows the rms in a lighter grey around the min,max curve. ...