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Re: [sc-dev] UGen creation q

your C code ugen does not have the same name as your SC class. You have overwritten/overridden the definition of LFPulse. It looks from the error message that you have wiped out the definition for MulAdd as well.

On Sunday, January 12, 2003, at 11:45 AM, Casey Basichis wrote:

Stilll having Problems with this ugen, I got it to
compile a LFPulseLock.scx file fine and I put it in
the plugins dir and i put the .sc code below in common
but i get this error when i start the server sc:

*** ERROR: dlsym _load err 'symbol not found'
exception in GrafDef_Load: UGen 'MulAdd' not
exception in GrafDef_Load: UGen 'LFNoise1' not

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