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Re: [sc-dev] CocoaDialog works, sched doesn't

On Saturday, January 11, 2003, at 10:30 PM, James McCartney wrote:

So you can get SystemClock to work.

did all those scheded events happen while the flow control was doing the modal window ? in the test case i was doing (posting numbers every second), when you get back to the app all the numbers are posted at once. but would a function that sends OSC message get sent at the scheded time (while the dialog is still happening), or all in a clump when we get
back ?

That is all I was wanting to make work. Getting AppClock to work is not possible I think. I noticed that holding down the mouse in the scroll bar in Safari will cause an mp3 file playing back in a safari window to stop playing after a few seconds. Perhaps the same kind of issue.