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Re: [sc-dev] Ugen creation q

No look where freqmul is obtained.

	unit->mFreqMul = unit->mRate->mSampleDur;

freqmul is set to mSampleDur which is 1/sampleRate.
Thus if freq is 600 and sample rate is 48000, then freq * freqmul will be 1/80. in other words it will take 80 samples to complete a cycle. 48000 samples per second / 80 samples per cycle = 600 cycles per second.

On Tuesday, January 7, 2003, at 05:34 PM, Casey Basichis wrote:

Ok, so i understand most of it now.  What i dont get
though is:
phase += ZXP(freq) * freqmul;

so say freq is 600 and freqmul = 600 (freq is a
pointer to the input buffer for freq and freqmul is
the initial argument copied by the:

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