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[sc-dev] Re: sc3synth.pbproj exception

got it, trashed that particular file and cvs update -dP and got a working version. i'm actually looking forward to between-show-travel now!

i'll be in NY for a few hours friday night, felix --irving plaza... can't stick around though.

Subject: Re: [sc-dev] sc3synth.pbproj exception
From: crucial felix <felix@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

something broke in the file when CVS tried to merge it  or patch it ?
we are kind of hacking it to use these binary files
(at least i think they are binary) with CVS.

that's the weakness of CVS.

just replace the whole file with whatever is on the server.

did you change that file in any way ?

On Monday, January 6, 2003, at 09:44 PM, Jonathan Segel wrote:

 just tried for an update from the cvs to take with me...

 Uncaught Exception:
 XML parser error:
	Unexpected character / at line 1
 Old-style plist parser error:
	Expected terminating '}' for dictionary at line 8
 > --

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