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Re: [sc-dev] Ugen creation q

I decided to make a LFPulseLock ugen, i looked at the code for the LFPulse, it didnt look too bad. The question is how do i go about making it compiling it etc, do i just use the plugins project and add the sources as targets? How do i link them to the .sc.rtf files?

just for my understanding: what you attempted was a ugen that has
two inputs, a control and a trigger and you awanted it to only
return the latest control value if it was triggered?

LFPulse.kr(Latch.kr(aControl, aTrigger)) didn't work.

James, what is the difference to

LFPulse.kr(Latch.kr(aUGen, aTrigger)) ?

generally if you want to write a ugen plugin you can go about it as
you described, I don't know if there is a better way.
The connection between your sclang class file is made by name, so the class
has to have the same name like struct in c++. There is no real link as
language and server are separate.

you shouldn't forget the line: