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Re: [sc-dev] 3/11/2003 build

i was seeing this problem with a new build on some machines and not others. the computers in the Mills hybrid studio just got OS X so i put a binary that worked fine on my laptop on one of them and it wouldn't boot the local server, same RESULT=5, whcih i haven't had time to trace.. as well, i'm noticing some s.boots don't work, and you have to reboot the server, sometimes it gets to it's yellow light state and stops. have to quit and boot it again.

my working binary is using december dev tools from a version that has its libsound checked in files pane for scsynth target and the extra line of GENERATE_MASTER_OBJECT_FILE=YES (thanks james, never would have figured that out.) i haven't updated since, but i may tonight before i leave on tour for the next five weeks-which may give me some time to actually work on patches....

s.name posts localhost

s.boot though posts :

booting 57110
a Server

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