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Re: [sc-dev] SCRangeSlider modification

Ok, here is something like the final. Dragging low over high (and otherwise)
is allowed and is now clearly marked by using the inverse color.
We decided to use crucials idea:

>cntl - move lo
>opt - move hi
>cntl+opt - move both

The sc2 had strange behaviour with shift clicks. wasn't really convincing to

I used solid rather than gradient for I didn't like the switching between
horizontal and vertical display.
hope you like it


> I committed the changes.
> It allows dragging the low above the high. Not sure if that's a bug,
> but if it is to be supported, then there should be some graphical
> representation other than the what it does now.
> On Friday, January 3, 2003, at 11:36 AM, Nicholas Bussmann wrote:
>> this is a small modification to the Range Slieder

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