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Re: [sc-dev] s.boot problem

just try it again.
sometimes you should open up a terminal window and run


(just type it) and see how many processes are running.
sometimes you get orphaned scsynths.

in a separate terminal window type

kill NNNN

where NNNN is the pid.

or do

ps aux | grep -i "[s]csynth" | awk '{system("kill " $2)}'

which will kill all scsynths

for some reason

*killAll {
// if you see Exception in World_OpenUDP: unable to bind udp socket
// its often because of multiple servers
// and you can't cause them to quit via OSC

// doesn't work here
// ps aux | grep -i "[s]csynth" | awk '{system("kill " $2)}'
unixCmd("ps aux | grep -i \"[s]csynth\" | awk '{system(\"kill \" $2)}'");

doesn't work. the SC app has insufficient authority i assume.

but having said all that, it only pertains to external servers.

you have an internal server error i think, not sure.

On Friday, January 3, 2003, at 06:51 AM, Jem Finer wrote:

Tryiong to boot the server in 3/1/2003 version I get this :

booting 57110


Doesn't seem to work . . .