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[sc-dev] SCRangeSlider modification


this is a small modification to the Range Slieder

SCRangeSlider now respondes to:

option click to extend the hi range
shift click to extend the lo range
ctrl click to move the entire range up and down // usefull for bandpass filter or sample scanning

Please check it out and put it, if it's ok in the distribution .

all the best Heiko and Nicholas

s.boot; // boot it

// define a synth
"bandpass", { arg freqlow = 440, freqhigh = 880;
freqlow = Lag.kr(freqlow);
freqhigh = Lag.kr(freqhigh);

p = RLPF.ar(RHPF.ar(WhiteNoise.ar(0.3),freqlow,0.5),freqhigh,0.5);
Out.ar(0, p);


var spec;
w = SCWindow.new;

r = SCRangeSlider(w, Rect(20,170,180,24));
spec = \freq.asSpec;

r.action = {
s.sendMsg("/n_set", 1001, 'freqlow', spec.map(r.lo));
s.sendMsg("/n_set", 1001, 'freqhigh', spec.map(r.hi));

r.lo = spec.unmap(spec.default);
r.hi = spec.unmap(spec.default*2);



Nicholas Busssmann
Auguststrasse 10
10117 Berlin