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Re: [sc-dev] scheduling etc

On Saturday, December 28, 2002, at 07:25 AM, Jem Finer wrote:

I've asked this I think before but maybe in a different way :

Would it be true to say that all scheduling . . . in a Spawn sense . . . is
now done using Routine ?

if you need some kind of decision/algorithm to happen, then you can use either a Routine
or simply

	// do things

	1.0 // return value to resched this function

rtfm:  SystemClock

I've tried to implement a very simple granulating patch but can only get it to work within a Routine. Felix hinted it could be done without but I've had
no joy.

i was suggesting not doing anything on the client side at all. since you are doing a regular granulation, you can set up the whole process to run on the server and not waste massive energy communicating small scale events across the OSC Abyss.

in a synth def, have a clock trigger (Impulse etc.) trigger envelopes. modulate your
start times etc.


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